I believe that your surroundings greatly influence the quality of your life.

Digital art by Elke Sanara Palfrader

The digital artist Elke Sanara Palfrader integrates several aspects in her mystic works. Various image components merge, such as illustrations, graphic elements, drawings, paintings, and photographs that she makes or takes during her journeys, short trips, or ordinary weekdays.
The independent graphic designer and freelance artist was influenced by her graphic design courses at the Design Academy and at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. She uses image processing software to defamiliarize her works. As a new media representative, she takes her photographs as a basis for her graphic computer art, and she stands for a new, young type of art. In opposition to the general understanding of art, she attaches importance to creating works that reach one’s soul through their authenticity and positive vibrations.


Elke Sanara Palfrader, independent graphic designer, interior designer, and freelance artist, born 1972 in Merano, lives and works in Merano.

mail: elke(at)palfrader.it